Forever Now is a 21st century collection of artworks created to communicate to outer space. The democratic, opinionated and pop-inspired voice of this historical moment.

Contributed and collected from 118 different countries, Forever Now is this century’s response to the Voyager Records sent into space in 1977. It is a sequel and an update to that visionary gesture.

When Voyager is received and ‘they’ lean or float back to listen to it, interstellar champagne in hand, they will hear a sincere and dazzling array of sounds and images. ‘They’ will see the 20th Century from the perspective of several forward-looking, thinkers, artists and scientists- curator Carl Sagan working with Jon Lomberg, Anne Druyan, Linda Salzman-Sagan, Timothy Ferris, Frank Drake and Alan Lomax. In our opinion, they hear in the selection a sincere and hopeful perspective from America on the world.

When Forever Now is received some 30 years later ‘they’ will hear and see what artists had to say in response to Voyager. To the task of communicating with the unknown, in the 21st Century. A complex and articulate artistic collection that conveys come of the sublime irony and beautiful horror of being alive right NOW.

Conceived and directed by Willoh S.Weiland.

Curated by Willoh S. Weiland, Brian Ritchie, Thea Baumann & Jeff Khan.