The Forever Now record will be designed and created by esteemed Australian artist Susan Cohn. Here she explains her approach to ABC Arts.


The Forever Now golden record is a magical project. It is a mixture of history, tradition, technology, science, philosophy, fantasy, music, film and making. The idea for the object is set, and the original Voyager golden records will be kept in mind at all times throughout the process. Considering there is no ideal ‘how to’ because no method is the only way of making, I will draw on my accumulated body of knowledge, skill and tactics as a contemporary jeweler to unravel some kind of solution. This will involve working through the unknown, liaising with experts in many fields, and maintaining a delicate balance between materiality, alchemy and improvisation. I will let you know how it is working out…

Susan’s diverse projects push the possibilities of jewellery and object design.


HubHead (2003) speculates about the connections between jewellery, communication technologies and the body. A folding headband is attached with a range of devices including a brain jack, computer chip, interchangeable SIM cards and sensory-enhancement attachments. HubHead pushes the limits of jewellery function to meet the needs of all tomorrow’s parties


Last the Blast (2006) offers unsuspecting bomb victims the last opportunity to send a message to their loved ones. Technology and research collaboration is made integral to the concept and mass-production of a jewellery piece that responds to conditions in a dangerous hyper-technical world. A stainless steel shell is lined with ceramic insulation fibre houses two titanium message tags; one with key details of the wearer, the other with a personal message or security code. The structure is sealed at each end with ceramic cement marked with a fingerprint.


Last the Blast (2006) stainless steel, ceramic insulation fibre, ceramic insulation cement, titanium, silk cord 8.0 x 2.4 x 1.22cm Photographer: Shannon McGrath