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KNOCK, KNOCK by Fulvia Mantelli

How much will future humans (or extraterrestrials) have in common with contemporary society or our millennia?

When we gaze upward and outward, in what ways do we use the skies as a mirror or reflection of our dreams, aspirations, fears and anxieties, or contemporary unease about our world?

What’s the space amid truth and illusion, or clarity and obscurity, or infinity and the past?

What’s held in the gap in between internet transmissions, or diverse cultures, or genders, or ‘other’ species, or contexts alien to one another?

When does language become inadequate?

What’s in a name, a title, a category?

What’s the difference between documenting and communicating.

What’s in a blink, a squint, a scowl, a smile, a smirk, a jerk, a look away or a forward gesture?

How do we perceive the ‘other’? How do we interact with the ‘other’? How do we greet the ‘other’? When does a greeting imply the opposite?

Would our encounter with galactic ‘aliens’ differ to greeting eccentric earthlings (or challenging art); would we cut them more slack for being light years away from our contrived ‘acceptable’ human codes of being, confinements and inhibitions?

How would/does our (in)‘tolerance’ rate?

How open or closed are we?

Can we ever elude the affect of any experience?

Do our imaginings hold more than our concrete realities, about our ambitions, paranoias, fears and fetishes, frailties and strengths, our mythologies, hypocrisies, and perspectives around our future legacies?

How important is it to be understood, and not misunderstood?

To what degree is the Body an agent for Culture?

To what extent is art a channel for change, or mode for meaning; a way to probe, unpack and reassemble minute to monolithic enigmas about who, how, where and why we are?

When did time begin? What is infinity? How do we fit in, fit together, fall apart?

Rather than hurtling toward conclusions, at a rate of blinding knots, is posing more questions the key to finding worthwhile meaning and which direction to take next?

Fulvia Mantelli

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