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Space Art 2.0 a Manifesto

by Heath Britton

-Space Art will show the good the bad and the ugly of the human race and earth

-Space Art will show the stupendous intellect of human beings

-Space Art will show the isolation inherent in human perception

-Space Art will make clear the short comings of human senses

-Space Art will convey human emotion in its entirety

-Space Art will not use language either verbal or written

-Space Art will be for all the audiences in the universe be they: Tripods, Time Lords, Black Holes, Gases, Sentient clouds of iron vapour, Genderless Worlds, God, water worlds, unintelligent life forms, intelligent machines or The Overlords.

-Space Art is by humans for humans

-Space Art will not take itself seriously

-Space Art will involve laughter

-Space Art will convey all the most important parts of being a human or other earthly being

-Space Art will not exclude religion

-Space Art will be enjoyed by humans

-Space Art will be The Art, the only and most important Art of our time or the future

-Space Art will be absurd

-Space Art will not be made lightly

-Space Art will include a unified theory of physics

-Space Art will be disease free

-Space Art will include tits, balls, cocks and cunts

-Space Art and life will be indistinguishable from each other

-Space Art will be about love and nothing else

Make space art with the welfare of the earth at the forefront of your mind.

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