Dorian Wood

Dorian Wood assembled and conducted a 45-member choir, The Difficult Women, inside an abandoned bank vault with no ventilation, during one of the hottest weekends in Los Angeles recorded history. “Abaddones” was born from love.

Los Angeles-based artist DORIAN WOOD is “armed with a vocal charisma that would befit a preacher and an experimental streak that would make avant-gardists swoon” (WNYC Culture). A wunderkind with a headstrong DIY discipline, Dorian has brought his emotionally-charged performances to concert halls, museums, music venues and performance spaces throughout the US, Mexico and Europe, with a voice that channels the skill and ferocity of such auteurs as Scott Walker, Nina Simone, Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

Born in Echo Park, California, Dorian began his musical education at a very early age, continuing his studies at Conservatorio de Castella in Costa Rica, and eventually making his way back to Los Angeles, where he first gained exposure performing on the queer bar circuit. His debut album, BOLKA, received wide critical acclaim for its impeccable merging of folk, soul, Bulgarian choral music and experimental music. His follow-up EP, Black Pig Suite, featured members of the L.A. experimental orchestra Killsonic, of which Dorian was a principal collaborator and performer for 3 years.

In 2010, Dorian received critical praise for his performance and “picture perfect” art direction (Los Angeles Times) in the Killsonic opera, Tongues Bloody Tongues, presented at the REDCAT in Los Angeles. Dorian performed at the REDCAT again in 2011 in the opera Zoophilic Follies, along with Timur and The Dime Museum. 2010 also saw the release of the album Brutus, which featured only Dorian on vocal and piano, and was recorded live at St. Giles-in-the-Fields, a church in London, in the midst of his European tour.

In 2011, Dorian was commissioned by LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) to present a new work for the performance series Los Angeles Goes Live, part of Pacific Standard Time. Dorian’s performance installation, Athco, Or The Renaissance of Faggot Tree, incorporated over 30 performers, and was presented at Barnsdall Art Park. Dorian also performed with acclaimed artist Marina Abramovic in her piece An Artist’s Life Manifesto, presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).

Dorian has also performed at LACMA, UCLA, Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica), Pacific Design Center (West Hollywood), The Stone (New York City), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), Mousonturm (Frankfurt), Botanique (Brussels) and the Stockholm Fringe Fest, and he has opened for such artists as These New Puritans, Tom Brosseau, Lisa Germano, Little Annie, Baby Dee and Jason Webley, to name a few.

Dorian’s latest album, Rattle Rattle, is the official studio follow-up to BOLKA. An epic collection of original doomsday-themed songs that form one strong, continuous piece (think Scott Walker re-doing Brian Wilson’s Smile), Rattle Rattle incorporates over 60 musicians, including a 45-member choir assembled by Dorian himself, The Difficult Women, as well as guitarist Michael Corwin (Correatown), bassist Sebastian Steinberg (Soul Coughing, Fiona Apple), and trumpetist Daniel Rosenboom (Josh Groban), and featuring duets with Angela Correa (Correatown, Les Shelleys), Leah Harmon (Petrojvic Blasting Company), Eddika Organista (El Haru Kuroi) and renowned French artist Nina Savary. In 2013, Dorian directed the controversial video for the single “La Cara Infinita”, which features a guest appearance by actor Margaret Cho.

In early 2014, Dorian completed a successful five-week European tour through nine countries, backed up by a band comprised of accordionist/vocalist Leah Harmon, bassist Xavi Muñoz (Laetitia Sadier, A Veces Ciclon) and drummer Marcos Junquera (Daniel Johnston, Betunizer). Dorian will tour Europe again this fall in support of the release of his upcoming EP, Down, The Dirty Roof.

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Brian Ritchie

15 September at 02:52AM

This is a spooky thang.


25 September at 09:34PM

Spine tingling freak out. This might be how people would react to aliens....

Liz Pappademas

26 September at 01:53AM


Dorian Wood is, most likely, an alien himself. No human of this Earth is capable of such goodness and talent. No human can express the emotions of one or many so readily. As a member of The Difficult Women, I can honestly say that this recording experience was unlike any other. Send it up!


26 September at 02:07AM

Otherworldly and yet very definitely human, capturing the chaotic emotion of human life.

db cote

26 September at 02:34AM



Jimmy Jasmine

26 September at 02:36AM


I can honestly say we were all channeling alien lifeforms on this recording...

Anthony Cammarata

26 September at 02:44AM

This is incredible - haunting like the winds blowing across the universe, challenging and beautiful...

Richard McDuffie

26 September at 02:45AM

Where's the monolith? Oh yeah, Dorian Wood is that monolithic figure.

Sinan G.

26 September at 02:54AM


Cacophony of human history ending in a primal scream. 55-seconds it may be, but this is a complete statement with a beginning, a middle and an end. LAUNCH!

Amy Marie Medina

26 September at 03:12AM


Love the primal sounds, almost like the whole human race is speaking at once. It is primal and oddly human to me. I think it would be a great addition, free of language but still full of emotion and experience.

Andi James Chamberlain

26 September at 03:37AM


One of the most important musicians to have ever crossed my path, up there with Tom Waits and Nick Cave and Jeff Buckley in terms of influence and inspiration... An absolute phenom of a musician and artist and one of the single most humble, beautiful and perfect humans i have encountered.

Sounds like something from BRUTUS, dark, ambient and full of terror and pathos.
Love it.
Love him.

Raquel Gutierrez

26 September at 03:42AM


Dorian Wood is a poly-rhythmic apparition, a channel of ghostly frequencies.

Ebe Oke

26 September at 04:15AM


This sounds like it was channelled across the horizon of a black hole. Complex and mystifying. Definitely deserves it's place in space!

Kevin S.

26 September at 04:28AM


If I were an alien listening to this, I would probably avoid Earth...which would be a good thing since I would probably go there to destroy it. Thank you Dorian Wood and The Difficult Women, Defenders of Our Blue Sphere


26 September at 04:38AM


Beautiful, haunting, strange, but also has a feel of the range of humanity inside of its oddity. It's an example of the human voice showing its range and versatility. It shows that there's a lot of humanity inside us that has not yet been explored and that we, to some extent, understand this. We can understand our limitations and our potential.

Alexander Noice

26 September at 04:49AM

If there was one artist whose vibrations could penetrate the vast empty silence of space, it is Dorian Wood's. Beam it up Scotty!

Bill Markis

26 September at 05:02AM


Great piece!

Very adequate to travel through the coldness of space.

Dorian is definitely one of the best musicians in L.A.

Dave Ehrlich

26 September at 05:04AM


Beautiful and terrifying, not unlike human life itself. A sound this stirring belongs in the stars...

jacopo benassi

26 September at 05:06AM


we want dorian wood in the space ! stop
noi vogliamo dorian wood nello spazio!
i love DW


David Hudson

26 September at 05:06AM


I love Dorian's music. And love the idea of this being sent into space.

Aaron Meyer

26 September at 05:09AM


There are certain things that cannot be contained by a single planet.

Xavi Muñoz

26 September at 05:22AM


The complexity human behavior, that's what makes me think this piece from Dorian Wood is the most adequate one to be launched out there. DO IT!

Allison Wyper

26 September at 05:24AM


I absolutely want to know that this is traveling the universe representing all of the wonderful weird joy that we get to experience in a world graced by Maestro Dorian Wood.

Jason Savvy

26 September at 05:25AM


Dorian is one of the only people I have ever known who is a TOTAL artist. Everything he touches becomes coated with a thick sticky shell of creative magic that does not come out in the wash. Send this to space and give who/whatever finds it a taste of one of the more inspiring human beings on this planet, please!

Mark Libkuman

26 September at 05:29AM


This needs to go to outer space! Space people need to know about Dorian Wood!

Arlene Siordia

26 September at 05:30AM


LAUNCH The piece would beautifully represent the nature of our planet and all its occupants.

Simone White

26 September at 05:30AM


I love Dorian's music and I want you to send it to space. x


26 September at 05:37AM


Amazing, scary, deep... Go Dorian go!

Eric KM Clark

26 September at 06:38AM


Simply beautiful. Dark and eery but fulfilling.

B Pablo

26 September at 06:42AM


Beautifully creepy.

Julie A Carpenter

26 September at 07:00AM


A great representation of our species...confusing, intriguing, beautiful and more than a little scary. Send it forth to the stars! And to make it even more poignant, I know that those voices belong to stellar artists in their own right, brought together in the belief in making something great even under harsh conditions.


26 September at 07:05AM


Compelling, a representation of noise of humanity, awesome stuff!

Nathaniel Mann

26 September at 08:05AM


The Radical Danish Tekno Prophet "Goodiepal' or "Gaeoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen" suggests that, like us, alternative intelligences will be most engaged by material they are incapable of fully understanding; (in our case themes like love, death, time and the universe). In short we must puzzle them to ensure their engagement.

Dorian's work is complex and layered, loaded with context and connotations from which a human can draw and infer meaning, as such it provides the richest material for the an alternative intelligence to contemplate - a long term investment.

The voices here are like molecules of water which together create an entire ocean: the oneness of the many and the oneness of the one; it becomes a reflection of human society and history - what better way to represent us?


26 September at 08:18AM


While listening to this, I close my eyes and imagine the stars, planets, galaxies whizzing by at unheard of speeds. A celestial cacophony of light and sonic beauty taking over my very being. Like the universe, Dorian Wood is infinitely brilliant.

Joe Ricciardi

26 September at 09:00AM


This sonic fragment is already not of this Earth, so it seems fitting that it ought to be launched into the stratosphere where it belongs. Space is safer when Dorian Wood is in it.

Joe Pop

26 September at 09:16AM

This is what flesh and blood sounds like. The galaxies need to hear this.


26 September at 10:20AM


Dorian Wood is one of the most talented Artist of this time.
I had the great fortune to have worked with him several times, and I think this piece is something contemporary that brings again to light the Music of the great Masters as György Ligeti. Absolutely a gem that can grow in many different ways.

Ben von Wildenhaus

26 September at 01:49PM



Ali Nikou

26 September at 01:56PM


Dorian's voice would be my pick for our doorbell to the universe.


26 September at 02:44PM


Friggin amazing!!! Outta site!

Rossen Ventzislavov

26 September at 06:19PM


Dear Dorian,

If you should ever wake up one day and decide to weave a swarm of voices into a sonic injection, at once celestial and sinister, would you ask yourself if the universe was ready for it?

I didn't think so.

The Universe

Lisa Dee

26 September at 08:15PM


The most gifted and fearless spirit ever known, with humility and grace. This, my friends of the future and of the NOW, is Dorian Wood. Always a pleasure to work with and a sheer terrifying & heart wrenching delight to experience. This is your man, if you have a shred of humanity in your soul, that is.

Ari DeSano

27 September at 04:39AM


I want this piece by Dorian Wood to represent humanity to any intelligent life-forms out there. To me, it illustrates the conflicts and struggles, and yet hope, on our planet. It sounds like humanity and humility. Perhaps it would create some empathy in our possible future friends. "These humans aren't so bad. They have their hopes and struggles, too. And they enjoy abstract art. Let's play nice with them."

Sean Niles

27 September at 08:11AM


Dorian Wood's music is hauntingly beautiful and deeply ethereal--wonderfully representative of the creative genius of the human soul. I'd go as far as regarding his music as otherworldly, which makes his inclusion in this project even more appropriate.

Isaac Prado

30 September at 07:23AM


Dorian Wood's music encourages us to explore the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves. Often uncomfortable and unpredictable...always a worthwhile and fruitful expedition.

Thea Baumann

07 October at 11:07PM


Dark and eery. Spine tingling chills.


09 November at 11:01AM


fuck YEAH


10 November at 04:53AM


If I were an alien, I would probably find this very interesting.

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