Johannes S. Sistermanns

To give up is to be there. Fullness. To hear something off from one another, to un-couple: the un-isolation of momentary perception, this gap/space between/split between hearing and wishing to understand at once, seeing and unconditionally having to recognize again, perceiving and at the same time having to feel confirmed, experiencing something and wanting to take up position directly. Only to perceive this moment, to allow it to become great once – to let go this: is to be there.

Johannes S. Sistermanns' art practice is characterized through moments of transition and space in between. He stages his creations as media, multi channel electroacoustics, Radio Sound project, SoundPlastic, soundart, performance, music theatre [Mauricio Kagel], urban environment.
Performances, exhibitions, lectures and fellowships took him to Paris, India, Japan, VR China, Australia, US: a. o. Knitting Factory 1995, Melbourne Festival 1997, WorldExhibition EXPO 2000 Hannnnover, Donaueschinger Musiktage 1996/1999/2005, ISCM Stuttgart 2006/ Sydney 2010, Lecturer at the ‘International Summercourses’ Darmstadt 2004/2006. Electroacoustic Music Festival Shanghai 2006. Experimental Intermedia New York 2007. 2004/2006 he has been lecturer at International Summercourses for New Music, Darmstadt and 2010 Artistic Director of ‚Experimental Musictheatre’ at Hellerau /Dresden. Amongst other awards he got the ‘Karl-Sczuka-FoerderPrize’ [SWR Radio Baden-Baden] and the ‚German Soundart Award 2008’ [WDR Radio Cologne/Scultpuremuseum Marl/Initiative Hoeren].

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