Apis Azuli

Roman Rising

A tribute to our vanishing bees.

A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Roman’s brief emergence from musical retirement resulted in a one minute experience dedicated to the planet’s disappearing bee population.


Christopher Falzone

01 August at 01:25AM


Some day footage like this may be the only thing we will remember of the bees. Very nice short tribute.

Tristan Escalada

01 August at 01:49AM


1/3 of all bee colonies die each year due to Colony Collapse Disorder, and we don't know why. The unintended consequences of our short-sighted farming practices will lead to the death of all bees and ultimately the collapse of our own foods supply. This video is a tribute to those vanishing bees upon which our society unknowingly relies. It should go into space as a warning of what can happen when you tweak the balance of nature.

Alyssa T

01 August at 03:58AM


A simple, elegant and true picture of these bearers of light.

Silas B. Ritchie

01 August at 04:20AM


Agriculturally based, neo-tech disassociated society on the crux of demise, because we can't pay attention and preserve these little guys. Bees! Let them Be!

Thea Baumann

15 September at 10:55PM

Sweet ode to Earth's pollinators - pollen space capsules with wings .

Brian Ritchie

17 September at 02:15PM

Sweet and innocent bee homage

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