Articulated Line

Léa Donnan

The astronaut heart changes shape in space, beating faster to accommodate the absence of gravity. The average human heart at rest beats between 60-100 beats per minute, indicated here with the voice of the human metronome, tailored to 60 seconds of internet palpitation.

Here lies remixed original Super 8 footage of my father performing aerobatics in 1977, the year of both my birth and the original Voyager Golden Record. The gestures of my father’s machine have been stitched with the physical and cultural documents of my own transit lines across the earth (filmed below the Arctic Circle, where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet). These dual archives suggest a prototype craft for the future, an articulated embroidery towards a new folklore for the universal citizen.

Seeking to understand human nature through migratory systems, network theory, and poetics, Léa Donnan proposes a prototype craft for the future, weaving with abstractions of systems entangled in the shifting tides of globalism. Cataloguing and remixing the communal history of materials as part of a wider cultural narrative, she produces cinematic drawings that are woven abstractions of international distribution systems in transport, industry and communication. Working with a virtual architecture investigating global infrastructures within the context of contemporary art, Donnan suggests a material vocabulary for the shifting tides of globalism by measuring human scale against the surface of the earth.


Ed de Forrest

08 August at 07:59AM


A complex relationship relationship denoting the contemporary state of global society

Brigitte Kinast

08 August at 08:07AM


The revolving ground filmed from a small aircraft doing barrel rolls, juxtaposed with ritual chanting/clapping, evokes our fragile relationship with time and space. This is underlined by closeups of people celebrating and fleeting glimpses of the revolving earth seen by the pilot above.

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