Pierre Henry

Eternal minute composed especially by Pierre Henry on the request of Brian Ritchie. Production at Studio de création musciale Son/Ré in Paris, October 2013, assistant : Bernadette Mangin, production manager : Isabelle Warnier. Producer and Copyright Pierre Henry – all rights reserved.

Pierre Henry was born the 9th of December 1927 in Paris, he has studied music since he was 7. In 1944, guided by Olivier Messiaen, he composed and conceived the music of the future. His meeting with Pierre Schaeffer was crucial to its creation. Inventor of technical composition processes that are now largely standardized, he has continued to give this music a breath and ambition we did not suspect at first, by building a huge and varied set of works that continue to affect all the public and every generation. He also created a “sound” as personal and recognizable as the most famous jazz musicians, and imposed a world of cosmic proportions, a real world where the archaic and the mythic meet the familiar, and sing the wonders, the hopes and obsessions of our time.

by Michel Chion in “Pierre Henry” Editions Fayard 2003

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