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Diego Ramirez

The axolotl is a neotenic salamander endemic to the lakes of Mexico.

I am an artist and a writer based in Melbourne, Australia (born in Mexico, 1989). My work often takes the form of pop paraphernalia or with more prominence, video. Most recently I completed a Summer Studio residency at Blindside ARI (Aus) and screened my work at Melbourne Now’s Rooftop Transmissions (Aus), and Stuttgarter Filmwinter (De). In 2013 my work was exhibited in a solo show at Seventh Gallery (Aus) and featured at the Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize (Aus), The Substation Art Prize (Aus), WRO 15th Media Art Biennale (Poland), Channels Video Art Festival (Aus) and Currents Santa Fe International New Media Festival (New Mx, USA).

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Thea Baumann

18 September at 11:39PM

The axolotl - one of those alien creatures that links life under water to life on land . A domestic portrait of what it would look like of this amphibious salamander continued to evolve and walked with webbed digits up the higher branches of the Evolutionary Tree .

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