Arie Rain Glorie

Biography (Video artwork, 2013) is a melodramatic display of passive aggressiveness. Wearing a cloth over his face (to hide his identity?) the artist franticly runs to a house and climbs on the roof where he waves a white flag receptively in bold sweeping motions. Who or what he is waving the flag at is unknown- which raises an anxiety about his action. Is he surrendering for parley and peace or attracting unwanted attention ? Either way, the whole thing is pretty “over the top” for a rainy suburban day.

Arie Rain Glorie is a visual artist who uses a diverse range of mediums including performance, video, and installation art. He exhibits regularly in solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and festivals, and has an independent curatorial practice producing projects for festivals and independent events. In the past twelve months he was the recipient of Signal Screen Commission, a featured artist in Gertrude Street Projection Festival, A featured artist in the Crack Theatre program (This Is Not Art Festival), an exhibiting artist in Channels Video Art Biennale (Video Visions), commissioned artist for lane way projections, and produced and curated two group exhibition, Digital Outlawed (Melbourne Fringe Festival) and Love/City (Artist-run Festival). In 2014 he has been a featured artist in Melbourne Music and Video Festival and Melbourne Now (Rooftop Transmissions). Further in 2014 he will exhibit at West Space (Collaboration with Torie Nimmervoll) and is the visual art collaborator on Phone Shrine (Lights in Winter Festival, collaboration with Renae Shadler), among other projects. Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University he aspires to have a strong voice in the local and international art community as a practicing artist and curator.

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