Body Of Work


Atlanta Eke Daniel Jenatsch Hana Miller Jacob Perkins

Body Of Work is an infinite present, a present always already there and continuing on into the unknown future.

Atlanta, Daniel, Hana and Jacob are all compassionate, creative, mystical, sensitive, romantic, dreamy, empathic, devoted, caring, they go with the flow, but are also escapists, lazy, self-indulgent, overwhelmed, impressionable, they have addictive personalities, they’re fantasists, they flee from conflict and are slippery in love

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Brian Ritchie

15 September at 02:40PM


Good combination of sound and vision. Even the aliens will understand.

Thea Baumann

17 September at 05:27PM

Dark and mysterious premonition of an encounter in the blackness . Ourselves as aliens ?


03 October at 12:26AM

Creeeeeeeeeepy. Ripley meets performance art.

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