Building Your Own Being - An alternate guide to creation

Mark Bolotin

This claymation is a hyper condensed re-imagining of the Creation Story, told in one minute, for a hyper-attuned alien audience.

In it the Creator becomes the Created- channelling the great human unconscious of art, music and physiology – and our greatest creative act becomes that of self-creation.

Mark Bolotin (b.1979) is an award-wining multimedia artist, inventor and creature creator. He fuses innovative new forms of interactive cinema, music and performance together with futuristic shards of technology. He is the founder of Synarcade Audio-Viusals and co-director of the New York arts organization Hyphen Hub. He has shown work across many places on Earth.


Brian Ritchie

15 September at 03:33AM


This answers a lot of questions people have been searching answers for a long time. Bravo.

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