The light of the sun, through leaves, through glass, flickering against the wall. I witnessed this natural chiaroscuro with Clare St Clare, and filmed the projections with my phone camera. The light effects changed constantly, with their own rhythm and flow, possessing an abstract cinematic grace and layered sublime beauty. I spoke with filmmaker Tyler Kuuberg about this transcendental experience, and gave him the raw footage and the stems of new song that St Clare and I had made with Miles Brown at The Imaginarium. Kuuberg spent a day and two nights editing and manipulating the images and the sound to create this film. CLOSER celebrates a fleeting moment in time that could never occur again, captured and able to be watched and re-watched for a cumulative therapeutic effect.

CLOSER is the work of 6 Melbourne artists, working together and independently of one another to create this film.

Voice: Clare St Clare Synths: Miles Brown Composer-Camera-Guitar: Mikelangelo Director-Editor-Sound Remix – Tyler Kuulberg Sound Recording-Mixing-Production – Gideon and Daniel Frankel at The Imaginarium


Joel Martin

04 June at 02:21PM


This piece took my mind on such a journey, that each second was lost and gave me an almost infinite time spectrum where I was no longer aware of my own reality; time and space. I was transported somewhere completely different. Where that was, I will never know, as that moment has passed and can never be again. I want to get back there, but after engaging with the piece again, that same state of reality could not be re-created. It was a beautiful moment, even if it was ever so fleeting. I hope this piece is sent into space and found by someone, something else, in this endless infinite universe, so they too can transcend their own realities and be taken in by this beautiful, artistic work.


13 June at 04:06PM

has a very etherial / relaxingfeel. love the music and clip

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