Come Into My World (Welcome Home Cosmic Mix)

Jayson Patterson

“Come Into My World (Welcome Home Cosmic Mix)” is a new music video to introduce and make familiar the work of global pop icon Kylie Minogue. “Come Into My World” is taken from the 2002 album “Fever”. Chris True of considered the song to be a highlight of Fever and it was a top ten hit in many countries worldwide.

Jayson Patterson (b. 1991) is an artist of various media from Melbourne, Australia. He is a candidate in the RMIT Masters of Art in Public Spaces program with research focusing on socially engaged and relational practice. In 2013, he was awarded a City of Kingston Community Arts Grant for the series “The Power of Op-Shops & You – Experimental Op-Shop Tours”.

Patterson is currently living in Seoul, Korea as a 4yr old kindergarten teacher.


Madé Spencer-Castle

27 September at 12:10AM


This is so domestic and fabulous! It's totally the best way to deal with the utterly banal side of human reality. Do you think aliens have to mop their floor? I hope they're more advanced.


03 October at 01:29AM

Send it to Kylie! She needs to see how she can define pop ubiquity.

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