Composition for Ice and Choir

Danae Valenza

An audio recording of choral vocal samples, triggered by the droplets from 6 ice spheres hanging from the ceiling of the Norla Dome, Melbourne. Each drip triggers one of 125 samples, to create a layered, harmonic sound piece that is generated from the natural decay of the ice sculptures.

Danae Valenza works and lives in Melbourne. She is an interdisciplinary artist with a strong interest in the interpersonal values of music, language and collaboration. In her ‘phono-social’ experiments, Valenza works with musicians, performers, technicians and composers, producing works with a dynamic ‘visual musicality’, which are also informed by the history of music and the visual arts.


Brian Ritchie

17 September at 01:44PM

Interesting methodology for producing a composition using chance as an element.

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