Beth Sometimes

An awkward moment in Australia.

Beth is a conceptually driven artist originally from New Zealand, now living in Australia, often based in Central Australia. Official roles have included: creative producer/artist with Big hART, arts-based workshop facilitator, community producer, musician, musical director, choir coordinator, curator, Pitjantjatjara interpreter, arts centre manager, karaoke cruise ship captain, writer, court artist and artist run initiative gallery manager. Career highlights include: writing a postcard a day for a year, sailing a boat through a shopping mall blindfolded and carving a giant banana split out of foam.



09 August at 11:33AM


I want to see more of this! It's a beautiful interpretation sonically and pictorially.

Thea Baumann

01 September at 11:18PM

A deep honesty in the awkardness.

Brian Ritchie

15 September at 03:30AM


Communicates well with minimal fuss. Profound.

Alex Kelly

28 September at 03:14AM


love this. (for full transparency beth is a dear friend and I live in the desert so this work resonates deeply on many levels)

Sally Rees

06 October at 08:03AM

My favourite aspects of the original GR are the simple photographs of human function and activity. This is a perfect fit.

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