Dark Matter (Second Series)


Morehshin Allahyari

Dark Matter (Second Series) is a series of combined 3D objects that are forbidden or unwelcome politically and culturally. The objects/things chosen for this series are those that are forbidden/unwelcome in Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea (some of the most censored/oppressive countries in the world). Dark Matter is intended to serve as a documentation of the lives we currently live as humans; the dark side, the invisible, the Dystopian lives that a minority (power/government) has created for a majority (people). I am interested in the idea of re-contextualizing and re-positioning these forbidden objects to another time/space. What will happen when you re-contextualize the forbidden? Through positioning the tabooed I want to re-emphasize the dramatic and ironic aspect of forbidden; When looking back in hundreds of years, how would it feel to re-visit this collection?

Morehshin Allahyari is a new media artist, an art activist, and educator. She was born and raised in Iran and moved to the United States in 2007. Her creative and research interest encompasses experimental 3D animation, 3D printing, digital filmmaking, installation, performance and extensive activity as a cultural curator. Morehshin’s animated films and curatorial projects have received world wide acclaim. She has been part of numerous national and international exhibitions, festivals, and workshops in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Canada, North and South America. Morehshin has presented her work and creative research in various conferences and universities including TED conference, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas Museum of Art, CAA conference, Open Engagement, Prospectives ’12 International Festival of Digital Art, and Currents New Media among others.

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Meta Ohm

19 August at 10:29AM


I would love for this to exist for trillions of years to come.

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