Dreams End


Cat Hope

We are now battling between sounds of we craft from wood and wire, and sounds we make with circuits smaller than the eye can see. This piece is one way to try and make them fit together, to bring them together. We keep trying things, here.

Cat Hope is a composer, sound artist and musician based in Western Australia. Cat’s composition and performance practices engage elements of low frequency sound, drone, noise, and improvisation. She often makes use of electronics and unusual or invented instruments in her works, that have been performed at festivals internationally and broadcast on Australian, German, Italian, French and Austrian radio. She has been a songwriter with some 6 albums to her credit, playing in pop bands in Germany, Italy and Australia in the 1990s. In 2013 she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study digital graphic music notations internationally as well as the Visby International Composers Centre, Sweden and Peggy Glanville Hicks, Sydney composers residencies in 2014. She is the director of the award winning new music ensemble Decibel who have toured internationally and released her compositions.

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David Bohn

18 April at 10:32PM


Good Piece.

mat ward

21 April at 03:55PM


Cat's piece SOUNDS like the overpowering and endless concept of space that we have come to understand through the collective imagination of artists across many disciplines. It captures and balances old and modern aural atmospherics in a powerfully haunting and hoping piece of music.

David Drexler

22 July at 08:30AM


Wonderful, sounds like a soundtrack for a space journey,

Brian Ritchie

18 September at 03:45PM


The universe will like it.

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