Earth Sound Beacon, reference 1

Ross Manning

This one minute sound work uses electromagnetic fields as a sound source. Emitted by technologies, WI-fi, Bluetooth and other communicaions that are out of our sensory range but completely engulfing our planet.

Our world must be transmitting this noisy chatter and for those who pick it up and listen will have the reference of this piece on the disk, and maybe help pin point its origin by matching our noisy part of the sky with the sounds presented here.

Ross Manning works with deconstructed lo-fi domestic technologies to create performative, kinetic, assemblage-based works. Interested in instrument building and sound sculpture, he also performs in bands such as Faber Castell and Sky Needle. Through his installations and optical works, Manning explores the effects of light, movement and sound, as well as how energy moves from one form to another.

2014 Different Rhythms, (solo) Dark Mofo, TAS Vivid Festival, NSW MCA Artbar, NSW 19th Bienniale of Sydney : You Imagine What You Desire. NSW Perpetual Motion , (solo) Milani Gallery. QLD Sound Out Festival, Live performance with automated instruments. ACT Sensory Overload, McClelland Gallery. VIC

2013 Volumes, (solo) Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. WA Sound & Vision, Counihan Gallery. VIC Foundation’s Edge, QUT Art Museum. QLD Bazinga, Starkwhite Gallery. Auckland, NZ Brisbane City Council: Bernett Laneway street lighting commission exUrban Screens, Frankston Arts Center, VIC


Léa Donnan

16 August at 01:44PM

It's an artifact of our systems for transmitting, beam it up.

Thea Baumann

01 September at 10:53PM


A homing device for Aliens to track the sonic source. Beam it !

Brian Ritchie

15 September at 03:00AM


The sound is riveting. The video is a bit minimalistic.


26 September at 03:04AM

Oh hell is this what my iphone sounds like. Beautiful.

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