Earthlings' Greetings


Deborah Kelly and Christian J Heinrich

Earthlings' Greetings proposes an etiquette to frame our encounters with those who come to us from as far as stars.

A collaboration for Forever Now between Deborah Kelly and Christian J Heinrich.

Deborah Kelly is concerned with lineages of representation, politics and history in public exchange. Her work has been shown in the Singapore, Sydney and Venice Biennales and can be seen in Zero Tolerance at MOMA PS1, NYC, until 8 March 2015.

Christian J Heinrich is an internationally exhibited filmmaker, video and projection artist. His work utilises new media to explore open text narrative discourse with a non didactic fervour.

Shortlist history



Sally Donald

20 December at 09:53AM


Please choose this film - everything is too complex so best leave it to flowers and intestines to represent.

Tracy Sorensen

01 January at 03:23PM


We are soft and intricate, made of spirals and patterns. We are vulnerable on our little blue sphere. Our flowers and our intestines keep us alive and express our beauty. We are capricious, destructive and curious. We crave company in this giant universe.

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