Elle Be Jay


Melissa Tran

This text-based video visually highlights a long forgotten (and widely unknown) phone call made by a widely known man. In examining appropriated historical material, the archive is called to attention as a whole, especially in the context of the advancing technological world of the 20th and now 21st century.

Melissa Tran is a visual artist originating from New Orleans, Lousiana who works with lens-based processes, performance, and interactive installations. She graduated with a MFA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas focusing on interdisciplinary studio arts, and received her BFA from the University of Houston’s School of Art with a major concentration in Photography/Digital Media and a minor in Art History. Tran’s work has been exhibited as part of the Fotofest Biennial and shown at spaces including the Blaffer Art Museum, Houston Center for Photography and The Jung Center of Houston, and screened at DiverseWorks Artspace and in Aurora Picture Show’s 14th and 15th Annual Extremely Shorts Film Festival. Tran’s work was selected by jury to exhibit in the 2013 Texas Biennial at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas and took part in a larger work through the Dallas Collective commissioned by the Biennial for Ballroom Marfa.

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Thea Baumann

07 September at 10:26PM


LOL !!!!! Swiftly dispatch this textual communique of a widely known Earthling !

Brian Ritchie

15 September at 03:36AM

Amusing. A bit on the subjective and contextually driven side of things.


26 September at 04:24AM

Laughing out loud. If we wanted to explain power then this is it.

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