FEJKA : vocal composition for text to speech application


James Ferraro

Fejka is a Swedish word translated into english as : “to fake” and is also the name given to an artificial plastic plant product sold at IKEA

FEJKA is a piece on IKEA-tization. a poem written in no specific rhythm to represent a presence of some entity, an impression rather than a clear understanding, as this characteristic is a main feature of how IKEA and it’s branding are represented in the consumer mind. in this way having undefined goals there by having the ability to be endless in perception and flexibility within advertising which is it’s expression of being. so simply a global entity by democratic acceptance and so dominantly by right of being ambiguous and without meaning as much of the intention behind these elements as they inflate and contract like a chameleon being whatever the consumer wishes to see in them.

Samples of these decentralized quotes floating around IKEA as seen in the accompanied visual, were written into a text-to-speech app (a global business tool meant for translation and communication in global marketplace).

These quotes opting to reach a globally accepted optimistic tone that is perfectly in sync with all of IKEAs edifice. the body of IKEA.. which is its veiny networks of ambiguous spaces of resources, its mind of assemblege in different places, and these quotes which are it’s pathos its morals it’s corporate message that is embedded into the layout of the store would be an ambiguous stream of consciousness having no confronting nature but only to appease it’s democratic consumer power enforced by it’s consumer service savvy labor releasing its simulacra dream from place specificity.. and by this mandate of the buyer, IKEA is a harmonious body.

James Ferraro is an Musician, Composer, Writer and Visual Artist born in Bronx, NY whose album Far Side Virtual was released by Hippos in Tanks in 2011. The album was chosen as Album of the Year by the UK’s Wire Magazine. James is currently living in between NYC, London and Hong Kong working on a novel delineating the career of super star athlete David Beckham.

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David Drexler

22 July at 08:37AM


Enjoyable rhythm, love the effect of the "speaking" chorus.

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