Fluorescent Composition II , 2013


David Mutch

Fluorescent Composition II , 2013, HD digital video A flickering fluorescent light is the basis of this video, the second in a suite of five minimal, rhythmic works.

David Mutch uses a variety of mediums, producing work that searches for authentic experiences and the sublime in contemporary urban space. These ideas are developed further in recorded and live sound performances as Glass Bricks, and he is one half of electronic duo Pissypaw.

David Mutch graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art, from RMIT University, Melbourne in 2010. He recently presented From Nowhere to Nowhere at Beam Contemporary (2013). In 2011 Mutch exhibited a solo show at Beam Contemporary entitled Why did Aliens Build the Pyramids? as well as presenting Inverse Universe at Rearview in Melbourne. He has also contributed to various group shows including, Deep Time, TCB art inc (2014) Darkness on the Edge of Town, Perth Centre for Photography (2013) and Subliminally Yours, Platform (2013). In 2008 Mutch was awarded the City of Melbourne Young Artists Grant. In 2013 he undertook an artist residency program at Red Gate Gallery, Beijing.

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Thea Baumann

15 September at 11:08PM


This is what it must be like flying into the hypnotic eye of a minimalist black hole ..

Brian Ritchie

17 September at 01:47PM


Just enough.


03 October at 01:02AM

Coming back from passing out in a 7-11.

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