force / field


Adele Wilkes / Brooke Stamp / Kane Ikin

force / field is a cinematic movement ritual based on the symbolism and structure of the King Wen sequence of the I Ching (Book of Changes). The multilayered composition integrates elements of the ancient Chinese divination system’s mathematics and its interpretations relating to physics and metaphysics to create a harmonic relationship between opposing and complementary forces.

Drawing from concepts of energy and energy systems, the improvised performance is a kind of trance or meditation – a spontaneous embodiment of sound vibrations. Through the immediacy of this approach the recording captures something universally and uniquely human.

The soundtrack uses vocal samples from a 1930s 78rpm vinyl record of Russian choirs, discovered in the composer’s grandfather’s shed. The song is a response to this found archive, reinvented for the present, and preserved for future discovery.

video / concept / art direction: Adele Wilkes performance / choreography: Brooke Stamp music: Kane Ikin

Adele Wilkes is a filmmaker and media artist whose work spans experimental film, documentary, narrative, multidisciplinary art. She is particularly interested in using the techniques of cinema to investigate metaphysical ideas and the mysteries of human consciousness and the cosmos.

Brooke Stamp is a Melbourne based dance and choreographic artist working across hybrid forms to create rich visual and sonic performance installations. Her work draws from improvisational movement practices that interrogate the hyperreal and imagined rhythms inherent to the movement of the universe. Brooke is a long term collaborator with Phillip Adams Balletlab. 

Kane Ikin is an Australian experimental musician. A self-taught guitarist, early exposure to post punk/rock and electronic music sparked a desire for exploration beyond standard sounds, into synthesis, field recording, found sound and heavily treated signal paths. Ikin has released several critically acclaimed albums alone and as part of experimental band, Solo Andata.

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Ben higgins

10 June at 11:59PM

Wow, this piece should definitely be shown in the outer limits, it's amazingly shot and matched with the music. Metaphysically perfect for the unknown to be found by the unknown, sensational.

Sian Haldane

17 June at 04:50PM


Stunning and mesmerising! It encapsulates the mind, body & spirit of human beings with such simplicity and thoughtfulness without forgoing the spontaneity which makes life so interesting. Perfect artwork to represent 'us' for this exciting project!

Beautiful work Adele Wilkes, Brooke Stamp & Kane Ikin!

jonathan carmichael

17 June at 11:31PM


The work reveals to me the nuances of human movement, the everyday that we forget.

The work reminds me that the human body is as important as the mind.

Send this work to the heavens.

Keith Oakden-Rayner

23 June at 10:47PM


I loved this! It's beautifully shot and performed, what a poignant film. Send this one into space!

Erin Greer

24 June at 12:14AM


this work is stunning!
Would love to see this piece curated for the project, it is really majestic.

Max Crackle

24 June at 03:35PM


A harmonious ultradimensional representation of ambiguous time and space. The work is deliberately reminiscent of the state of divination in which time collapses and the reverberant arms of possibility come out to play. This folds perfectly in with the theme of transmitting a message into the timeless unknown. The piece is itself a form of divination from the creators. It creates a macro narrative which refers to both timelessness and the intention to transmit a message through the agency of art as reflective of human will. The layers of the piece are as obvious as the arms of the dancer. Send it into space where it belongs.


11 July at 10:15PM

Love the record sample coming through, such a dreamy spooky piece.

Kat Karvess

14 August at 04:43PM


This is awesome. Love the movement and minimalist style and music. If the aliens saw this they would think Earth was a classy place. Send this into the atmosphere!

Anita Spooner

14 August at 05:00PM


This video reminds me that the reality we experience is a construct, that time and space are infinite & that we can't be sure of anything.

Lucas Golding

14 August at 05:26PM


If I was a black hole, I'd eat this footage with my event horizon (mouth). It's truly a sumptuous feast that should be served on a bed of ROCKET.


15 August at 01:06PM


This is a beautiful piece. The dynamic movements of the figure are captured simply yet embracing a complexity. The music is interesting and at times ephemeral.

Gala Vanting

15 August at 05:23PM


Such a beautiful and simple interpretation of the ways in which the film medium can reveal the space between things and the webbing of our consciousness. Mesmerizing and atmospheric work - I've come back to this several times over the last few months.

maya natacha sollier

16 August at 10:28PM

Devine movement guides our human exploration when we wander with out a fear .. without a forsee able destination.. without any influence from only that of within.. the heart ..our walky talky.. ..... ........ ... .....

Thea Baumann

14 October at 02:36AM

Hypnotic ... I'm seeing number slipstream through dance !

Thea Baumann

14 October at 02:36AM


Hypnotic ... I'm seeing number slipstream through dance !

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