Forever Flux

Simone Lau

We constantly view ourselves as one entity in a fixed state. We refer to our experiences in the past, present and future collectively as what ‘I’ am. Forever Now is a project that aims to preserve the impressions of our present state. In this work, an attempt to hold a simple standing position for ten minutes is sped up and condensed into one minute. The video reveals that our existence is a constant flux. The body reveals the littlest signs of life in an instant – while ‘nothing’ is happening. On the larger scale, Earth’s existence – and our time on it – is but an instant in cosmic time.

This work is partly inspired by the Carl Sagan’s interpretation of ‘The Pale Blue Dot’, a photograph taken by the Voyager 1 in 1990. Coincidentally, this was also the year I was born.

Simone Lau is a multimedia artist mainly working with photography and video. Her work focuses on the human experience of the world. She has studied in BA Fine Art and is currently studying film-making in a BA Media. When she is not creating, she is usually looking up at the stars… Light from the past. Destiny of our future.

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