Give Us Rest


Rachael Dease

To The Vast Unknown,

I have attached this 60 second love letter, a small parcel of my truth for you to enjoy at your leisure.

The sounds of my nephews heartbeat in utero, a music box playing out the notes of names, and the cello sounds of Tristen Parr. I’ve also reattached the EEG of the sounds of a Ann Druyan, a woman in love. You’ve heard them before, but a reminder never hurts. And a tiny requiem, because if we are already gone when you find this, please let us rest.

Sincerely, and with humility,

Rachael Dease

Rachael Dease’s artistic practice encompasses the realms of pop culture, art music and hybrid theatre. She is currently known primarily for creating a type of music theatre that derives much of it’s narrative structure from music and photography/film. With a unique and powerful voice, and a gift for writing for string ensembles, Dease often weaves both these qualities throughout her work.

Graduating with honours from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in composition, Dease has been frontwoman and songwriter for the band Schvendes, receiving sixteen West Australian Music Industry Award nominations, as the composer and chanteuse in Matt Lutton’s Antigone, and Weeping Spoons/Perth Theatre Company’s Helpmann Award nominated production It’s Dark Outside. Proof of her diversity came in 2010, when Dease won the WAM Song of the Year in both the Pop and Experimental category.

In 2012 Dease won the inaugural top tier Western Power Martin Sims Award for Best Overall Performance and also Best Musical Work at Fringe World for her haunting contemporary song cycle City of Shadows. City of Shadows has since had acclaimed seasons in New York and at the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne, where it took out the Melbourne Fringe Music Award.

In 2013, Dease was chosen for the competitive Besen Artist Placement Program at the Malthouse Theatre (Melbourne), where she was mentored in directing, sound design and composition by leading industry professionals working on the critically acclaimed work The Bloody Chamber.

Currently Dease is currently composer on Declan Greene’s new play 8Gb of Hardcore Pornography (Griffin Theatre/PTC), devising two new immersive theatre works, and writing a number of new works for national and international art music ensembles.

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sometimes earnest can be good? Discuss.

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