Harmony of the Spheres


Momoko Noguchi

[ Music of the Spheres ] is an ancient philosophical concept that regards the constellation of celestial bodies as a system of music. The original piece is an installation in which the constellation of the solar system is represented by synchronized light and sound which is virtually spatialized between 4 speakers. Each planets have different length of music and it is looped with its own rotation period.

In the “Sound of the Earth” section of the original Golden Record, only one music is included among sound-scape tracks. “Music of the Spheres” composed by Laurie Spiegel (1945- ) was themed to represent Kepler’s theory from his book “Harmonices Mundi”. In contrast to Kepler and Spiegel who had set the frequency of the Sun as 0 Herz, in my representation, 440 Herz -tuning note of orchestra- is given to the Sun. The other notes for nine planets are set around 440 Herz with circular system. With historic and systematic research, this piece is aimed to update the “Music of the Spheres”.

Momoko Noguchi is a multidisciplinary artist who works on composition, audio-visual installation, piano improvisation, and performance. Her works archives holistic creation often based on philosophical, numeric, or synesthetic concept.

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Thea Baumann

29 June at 03:44AM


Mesmerised by the mysterious prismatic planetary orbs.

Brian Ritchie

17 September at 03:42PM

Hypnotic and deep.

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