Home Is Wherever We Are


The TaxiCab Verses with Kofi Atentenben & the Warriors

This excerpt from ‘Home is Wherever We Are’ is the TaxiCab Verses arrangement of Kofi Atentenben & the Warriors' song, ‘Wazor’. Kofi & The Warriors contributed this song to the collaboration for the TaxiCab Verses record, ‘Is What You Make It’, in Ghana and Wilson and his group added their elements in Athens, Georgia with recording engineer/producer, Drew Vandenberg. The theme of this song centers on the idea of being present for each moment and appreciating where you are and seeing that, wherever you are, you are always home.

James A. Wilson met Adjetey Quarshie (Kofi Atentenben) in 2008 and has since been traveling to and from Accra, Ghana to collaborate with Quarshie’s group, Kofi Atentenben & the Warriors on an album for his project, The TaxiCab Verses. The TaxiCab Verses is a project that combines Wilson’s musical experiences both in Africa with the Warriors, and here in Athens, Georgia with thirteen group members of friends/musicians/long time collaborators. What results is a whole new kind of music, a melding of more traditional African music with that quintessential Athens rock sound. Additionally, Wilson collected hundreds of phrases from the backs of taxicabs in Ghana and uses only these collected phrases as lyrics for the TaxiCab Verses songs.

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Janet Geddis

28 May at 07:58AM


I've been a TaxiCab Verses fan for years and have followed Wilson's journeys to and from Accra, Ghana. This project is a great example of musicians across the world working together to create an amazing set of songs. "Home is Wherever We Are" emphasizes the idea that we can make homes for ourselves wherever we may end up. This is such a lovely message to send into space--I hope this song is picked for the Forevernow project.

Linda Stiles

02 June at 08:56AM


I definitely believe this artwork should make it into space. The musicality is simultaneously moving and calming; the instrumentation and vocals are impeccably blended; the message is strong, intentional, universal.


30 June at 05:11PM


Feel good sounds that 'they' will enjoy in outer space.

John Kiran Fernandes

21 September at 03:16AM


This piece of musical art would be great to send into space!


23 September at 02:07AM

Yes. There will be a dance party in space and this music would get people off their asses and on the dance floor.


24 September at 03:07PM


Fun. I just shared on Twitter and with some friends.

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