Internal Landscape


David Bohn

I believe the title explains everything.

Reputedly the direct descendent of a daughter of a minor Swedish nobleman (very minor) and a musician, David Bohn is a native of Wisconsin who holds degrees in music composition from the University of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of Illinois. His work has been performed throughout the United States and Europe, and he has been president of the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers since 2006.

Shortlist history



Thea Baumann

28 June at 11:13AM

Inner Space expansiveness as Outer Space.

David Drexler

22 July at 08:34AM


Careful pacing and use of time.

Silas Ritchie

01 August at 04:25AM


Space out our breath.
Breathe Space.

Brian Ritchie

18 September at 03:49PM

Universal sound.

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