Alison Bennett

‘Inverto’ is Latin for transform/transfer/transpose, and curiously, ‘invert’ is an old term for homosexual that carries transgender implications.

Alison Bennett is an artist working in photography and digital media. Her formal qualifications include a bachelor of arts (visual arts) from COFA in the 1980s and a practice-based master of fine art degree from Monash University. She is currently completing a ‘creative practice as research’ PhD project at Deakin University as a member of the Deakin Motion.Lab. Earlier works have considered the experience of interior space and the potential of photography to represent an encounter with an interior. In recent years, her focus has shifted to an examination of surface and the reconstitution of surface within digital media. In late 2013 a body of work called ‘Shifting Skin’, featuring detailed prints of human skin marked by tattoos overlaid with 3D augmented reality, struck a chord with audiences and went viral internationally. The exhibition has since toured nationally and internationally.

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Perry Ferguson

30 August at 09:39PM


Harsh, beautiful, with a subtle internal message. Very well done


03 October at 01:16AM

Great response to the brief and Voyager

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