It's her, him, you , you maybe


Edith Perrenot

It’s her, him, them , us, you and them , them them maybe.. And us , and us maybe.. And you and I . Maybe. What do I want send to them, them maybe.. I tried to tell the story of our here , quickly, simply, without be sure.. Voices appear and become like a movement in the body and I start to believe in the necessity to repeat this sentence again and again for the forever.

On my sonore work I talk, on the life too. If someone find my piece somewhere on the universe, they will maybe believe i’m a God or something like that, it will be cool.. But anyway if they do not believe I will have leave a trace anyway, a trace we tell us we’re here on the now, and we will be on the forever. Like the mini pony, millions years ago.

Edith Perrenot ( born 1988) I can tell you I’m cool. I am pretty grumpy the morning but otherwise I am pretty ok. One day I was a crazy kid, leaving on a house for crazy kids, some found Valium, me I found Art. Its a good stuff. I study later in Mulhouse in france and I got my degree and the jury congratulate me. Was nice. At the time I was saying I wanted to do Art for everyone, for my neighbor. I am glad to create for extra terrestrial, I doubt my neighbor really understand what i’m doing anyway.

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francois lazzaro

04 June at 10:47PM


i believe this should be sent into space because it is hard to find the mathematical logic in it but it has "flow" "groove" unconscious rhythm... if aliens ever meet us they should meet our souls before they meet our brains, this piece embodies this perfectly.

dan tucker

27 June at 09:21PM

poetic, brilient, scary, wow!!!! give this to the aliens... we are as alien as them...aye?

Simone T.

29 June at 12:19AM


What an interesting thing to spend to space and to find for its inhabitants ! Melodic and messy, really emotionnal, and thick, raw as well as light and built. For me, this piece bring in a physical, "soundsitive" and very human way, emergency of creation and art, talk and love, humour and doubt, some perfect elements to bring in a meeting ... and probably in an extraterrestrial meeting too ... So, I think it's a nice work, and I'll be glad to be sent with. Launch !!


13 October at 09:36AM


Mmm ... this woman has ball ...


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