Jeremy Bailey


The final work is a collaboration with my wife, the contents of which are a 3d scan of us kissing, myself clothed as my Famous New Media Artist persona, and her nude, missing her feet but supported by our embrace. It is intended to be a simple(yet persona driven) gesture inspired by the mission to immortalize oneself on a gold record heading to space. We wanted to communicate with minimal obstruction (ie. language), a moment in time and space that is very special to us, and indeed we hope, humanity.

Jeremy Bailey is a Toronto-based Famous New Media Artist whose work explores custom software in a performative context. His work is often confidently self-deprecating in offering hilarious parodies of new media vocabularies.“ (Marisa Olson, Rhizome) Recent projects include performances for Rhizome’s Seven on Seven, Transmediale, the Stedelijk Museum, FACT, the Tate Liverpool and the New Museum in New York. For more visit

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