Land Forms

Zoe Scoglio

Land Forms is a double-time video collage of a landscape in motion. One excerpt from a series documenting anthropogenic geomorphologies and contemplating the interrelated nature of the human and geological worlds. Shot in Singapore, November 2013 CE.

Zoe Scoglio is an artist from Melbourne who uses performance, video, sound and installation to create interdisciplinary, site-specific and participatory work. Bringing together equal parts mysticism, formal inventiveness and eccentric humour, recent projects explore the points at which the human and geological worlds intersect. Playing with notions of time, origin, sentience and morphology, Zoe’s work engages the varied cultural, political and personal narratives we create about the rock we call home.


Thea Baumann

01 September at 11:09PM

A meta-portrait into Earth's strange development.

Brian Ritchie

15 September at 03:04AM

I dig the panning on the sound. But do aliens listen in stereo? What if they have 3 ears? Like it.

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