Lose Contact


KUO I-Chen

I hold my breath A flâneur in an amorphous town Gently, lighter than air, I lift my body It is doomed I fly away, yet never does my fate so tied to the ground The contact is my raison d’etre I reach for it I reach for it…

I lost contact.

KUO I-Chen works primarily on interactive units, single channel video and performance art. Drawn by the ever-shifting relationship between humans and the environment, his pieces play on the comfort and suffocation produced by our immediate surroundings, and re-interpret the dependence and anxiety of modern-day dwellers towards institutional cages. In 2005, Kuo became the youngest artist ever to represent Taiwan in the Venice Biennial; his works have since been shown in various international exhibitions. Kuo currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Ji Chen

02 July at 03:48AM


If an alien discover this work on an encrypted plate in outer space , it would know the last glance of humans...when the last soul took off from earth.

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