Maternal Semiotics


Eugenia Lim

What do other-worldly beings make of procreation, pregnancy, birth and motherhood? Does feminism exist in outer space? Do androids dream of battery-operated housewives? ‘Maternal Semiotics’ is a performance video created in the 38th week of my pregnancy. The single-take performance pays homage to Martha Rosler’s landmark 1975 video, ‘Semiotics of the Kitchen’. Filmed in my own kitchen, this 21st century update focuses on the objects, trappings and mixed emotions of impending motherhood. For intergalactic short attention spans, this is a 1-minute edit of a 3-minute performance.

Eugenia Lim is a Melbourne-based artist working across video, performance and installation. Through her work, she explores race, identity and representation with a critical but humourous eye. Her work looks at the tensions between the individual and their society, the multicultural and mono-cultural and the marginalised versus the status quo. Often the central character in her videos and photographs, she “performs identities”. More recently, her practice has expanded to include live performances mediated through video and digital technologies.

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Thea Baumann

17 September at 08:42PM


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