Object Relations (OR)


Alice Mathieu & Madé Spencer-Castle

Object Relations (OR) presents an update to ‘Greetings to the Universe in 55 Different Languages’, included in the original Voyager Golden Record. (OR) was made in collaboration with people from across the globe, providing each participant with an image of an object and asking them to name it in their native language. The resulting video is a bombardment of objects paired with the voices of contributors that would be equally perplexing for human and extraterrestrial viewer alike.

Rather than providing an overview of human language, (OR) uses language to emphasise the ubiquity of objects as a defining characteristic of sentient life on Earth. The singularity of each audio contribution highlights the varied relationships that exist between people of objects. (OR) encourages extra terrestrial beings to look to the objects that we surround ourselves with to better understand people, culture and humanity at large.

Alice Mathieu is a Melbourne-based artist, curator and writer with a highly collaborative practice that investigates relationships between people and objects. By attempting to remove subjectivity and curatorial control in her exhibition making process, she advocates for more fluid relations between artist/curator and object/artworks. Mathieu holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (2011) from the Victorian College of the Arts and is currently completing a Master of Art Curatorship at the University of Melbourne. She is a current KINGS Artist Run committee member and Gallery Assistant at the George Paton Gallery. Recent exhibitions include (object, object), DUDSPACE; Extended Family, Knight St Art Space; and Creativity and Correspondence, The George Paton Gallery.

Madé Spencer-Castle is an interdisciplinary artist and curator, interested in the shifting values of objects. After graduating with First Class Honours from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2012, Madé has held numerous exhibitions throughout Victoria and interstate. Recent curatorial projects include: dudproject #1 (co-curated with Lyndal May Stewart), KINGS Artist Run and DUMMY (co-curated with Alice Mathieu), Mailbox Art Space. In 2014/15, Made will be undertaking a 3-month residency in Colombia at the Campos de Guitterez Foundation, Medellin. Madé is the Co-Director of DUDSPACE, and a committee member of KINGS Artist Run.

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Brian Ritchie

15 September at 02:55AM

This video will give the aliens plenty to think about. It's a homework assignment for them.


28 September at 10:38AM


just as important for the people of earth to see as the green guys, but i'm just a massive fan of language diversity as an ultimate vehicle for how we understand each other...

Nina Sanadze-Schiff

03 October at 09:24AM


love the project, it's fun! great object selection and amazing voices/languges/sounds

David Castle

03 October at 09:32AM


For me ,the power in the piece is the very understated truth that sentient life as we know it makes objects which are named differently but used universally. Who knows what other lifeforms may make of it but it contains a deceptive quantity of information.

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