Oh Wah Oh Wah


Company Fuck

The cross-cultural phenomenon of karaoke is a large influence on my work. Although I feel that my interest in karaoke has some artistic integrity – ideas around vocal techniques, non-language, invented languages, dada poetry, syntax texts, and so on – it’s also a lot of straight up trashy fun. And what can our trash tell us? Things about our past; things about how we live; and some things we wish to forget about ourselves and our culture.

The text projected in “Oh Wah Oh Wah” is from a list of common phrases from my karaoke collection rendered into screens styled in homage to the simple pixelated text you will see in any karaoke bar. Links were made between image and sound so that the phrases would change, overlay, and collide into each other just as I fast-forward through samples in my improvisations. The result is a barely readable representation of trashed hardcore with echoes of pop – a kind of rapidly moving audio-visual Dada poetry… or “Typecore”.

Company Fuck (or CxFx) works in his own distinctive sonic territory combining extreme vocal improvisation, hardcore, noise, and deliberate musical homage/parody. With no allegiance to one sound or scene, CxFx takes audiences on a high-speed ride through a compressed history of music in way that satirizes musicians, the music business, and music in general.. CxFx often sounds like one man conjuring a million artists together for a bloody entangled mess of manic audio intercourse and copyright infringement. Nobody is safe from the CxFx treatment.

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Thea Baumann

16 September at 09:07PM

KARAOKE GLITCH !!!!! space needs this karaoke mashup !!!! 📡🎤🎤🎶📡👾

Brian Ritchie

18 September at 03:27PM

Me likee.

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