Natalie Williams

A solo piano miniature depicting the sense of “peace” – a fragment of time, momentary, still, calm and tranquil; a human state, observed through gentle emotion.

Natalie Williams is a composer of contemporary classical music. Her orchestral works have been commissioned and performed in Australia and the United States. Performers have championed her chamber music across Europe, the USA and Australia. Winner of the Iron Composer award (2010) and the Atlanta Opera 24-hour Competition (2013), Natalie’s music has a broad public appeal. Her works respond to the ideas of memory, dreams, and emotions, finding new and inventive musical means of illuminating these common human experiences.


Karl Wittwer

06 September at 02:23PM


PEACEFUL, BEAUTIFUL music filled with LOVE to calm the soul of the interstellar traveller and remember how wonderfully special LIFE is on EARTH.

Thea Baumann

21 September at 10:59PM

Beautiful and relaxing . A lullaby to soothe the data contained within, and the extraterrestrials on the other side .

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