Point on a Plane


Jane Garver

Stephen Hawking claims there is no such thing as absolute time. What this movie presupposes is: What if there was such thing as absolute time? Can we pin down a defined timeline of moments in space/time, as exhibited through spontaneous movement and field footage? No footage has been sped up or slowed, only cut. Why send mundane, sometimes transparent figures into space with pedestrian dance and no ship? Could this even possibly be representative of the human population and condition as a whole, in such a small sample?

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle asserts that one cannot exactly predict or define movements in space and time— either momentum or position can be concrete, but while one variable is known the other cannot be completely certain. We watch a digital image of these humans spontaneously moving, in manipulated environments: a train platform, a common interior, and finally floating miles above the built earth looking back down. What the Heisenberg principle describes is free will— science cannot explain or predict our exact locations, nor those of any atomic matter. We exercise free will.

Contributing performers: Pastiche Lamumba, Theo McLee, Jordan Stubbs, Brittany Flanigan, Jared Kelley, Henry Detweiler, Nikki Starz, Meredith Kooi, Gavin Bernard, Mike Stasny

Jane Garver is a sculptor, performer, and sound artist living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. Her sound works explore isolation versus connectivity in public spaces, beginning with subtle repeated experiments in trust and reciprocity. She uses sculpture and performance also as frameworks for interaction, often engaging kinetic movement and unscripted involvement, favoring communication and process over controlled outcomes.

Jane Garver has created site-specific public sound sculptures for the Architecture Triennale in Lisbon, Portugal and La Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille, France with Zurich-based Sound Development City (2013), as well as produced a sound composition for Saout Radio that played in taxicabs throughout the 5th Marrakech Biennale in Morrocco (2014).

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Brian Ritchie

15 September at 02:28PM

Is this what they mean by Hotlanta?


26 September at 04:33AM


I love the name Pastiche Lamumba.

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