r.domain - The King Bleeds

Adam Ritchie

The morphing of new and old technologies with classical and modern composition entwined, capturing a timelapse of sound for future generations. A plethora of emotion to embrace or simply let the sound permeate your ears.

As both a performer and a composer, Adam Ritchie (pseudonym of r.domain) has extensive experience in the Australian original music scene for over 20 years. He is also widely known and respected as an experimental and improvisational artist who specialises in guitar, bass and electronics. Ritchie melds and shifts between various genres to produce a creative and unique sound, which he applies to live performance, sound design, film scores or audio installations.


Silas Ritchie

19 July at 05:04AM


I like the way the glitch, negative space and melody interact with each other.

Universalogically Radicalubular.


07 August at 04:51PM

Finding this in space in the future would be a wonderful experience. It is a nice sounding unique piece.

Dael Raneberg

09 August at 08:46AM


Most definitely should be included in the works that make it to space. Ritchie is a very dedicated, talented musician who has worked tirelessly in the music industry for over 20 years. Would be wonderful for him to get this reward for his efforts.

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