Robot Mouth


Emilia Kurylowicz

The video “Robot Mouth” captures a mystical moment of interaction between a human and a machine. Emilia Kurylowicz contacts Prof. Hideyuki Sawada from Kagawa University, who has constructed a robot mouth. This robot features speech organs that mimic a human’s. Air is being pumped through its elements – robot lungs (the pump), silicone tube, plaster nose cavity and vocal cords – producing the sounds introduced to the robot’s brain (a computer). Prof. Sawada makes it possible for her to talk to the robot mouth via skype. Emilia Kurylowicz reads “Ave Maria” to it and it tries to repeat the Latin words of this iconic piece in its own manner. Communication, during which a new (artificial) entity is being included in a broad socio-cultural context, is established.

Emilia Kuryłowicz Born in 1983 in Warsaw, Poland, graduated from the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts. She works in a variety of media including video, installation and performance. Her research explores the absurdities of modern experience, cultural detritus and modern mythologies. She has participated in exhibitions at Contemporary Art Center KIM? (Riga), PM Galerie (Berlin), Entropia Gallery (Wrocław), as well as presented films in festivals including Camerimage (Lodz) and Biennale WRO (Wrocław). She was a co-founder of ARTICHOKE, an artist collective that organized myspace.ldz, a series of site-specific exhibitions that took place in the public spaces of Lodz from 2007-2010. Since 2011, Emilia, along with Cezary Zacharewicz, have been working under the name LASTSUPER, producing music videos for musicians including Light Asylum and Dillon. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Lodz, Poland.

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Léa Donnan

16 August at 01:51PM


This is a measure of the distance between the information we intend and what is understood by the system receiving it. Part of what Forever Now intends, no?
Measure where we are now against an infinite space and time?

Thea Baumann

07 September at 09:19PM


And after all that can be said and sent to space - the receiver at the end of the line is a robotic mouth.

Brian Ritchie

15 September at 03:27AM

What is the music in this piece and what does it have to do with the video? A bit disjointed. But the mouth is superb.


18 January at 01:49AM

the music is this my dear:

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