Claudia Escobar

A salute, a gesture, an action dedicated to the unseen, the infinite and the life-form out there. Saludo combines codes, celestial cartography, an imaginary language and cartoonish eyes with the hope that it will be decoded by an extraterrestrial some day.

Claudia Escobar’s practice explores how politics, international development and technology reshape the way childhood is experienced in the world. Unlike adults, children are able to keep information from their senses separate and may therefore perceive the sensorial world differently. An interdisciplinary artist, Escobar devises and directs performance, visual, music and live art works. She is the lead singer in Miss Colombia band and Co-Artistic Director of ‘EL TARRO’ the smallest performing space in the world, a nomad contemporary space where people encounter and create artistic experiments set in unconventional spaces. Officially selected as a leading project across the Southern Hemisphere by The South Project Inc (2010) and with productions in Colombia, USA, Argentina, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, Italy and Australia.


Brian Ritchie

17 September at 03:06PM

That could go on forever. Now.

Thea Baumann

18 September at 11:31PM

Eyes looking out and looking in . Accompanied by a friendly beat. Send it out !

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