Jon Raps

expression of inner voyage

composer in the 3rd dimension


Jithanie Gunasena

01 August at 01:15AM


WOW! This is an amazing piece, with so many layers - all encompassing but subtle at the same time. This is a great analogy to life on Earth: When you pay attention, you find beauty in everything around you - from the curve of a leaf to the vibrancy of flowers - and Earth gives up her secrets. The same way, I found that in really paying attention to this song I noticed the subtle layers that came together to form this wonderful piece. This should definitely be included in the record!

Silas B. Ritchie

01 August at 04:15AM


I agree with Jithanie, "All encompassing but subtle..."

Great use of non-lyrical vocals.

The meticulous glitch/static/click tracks are the undercurrent of modern human society, covered by a translucent mystical veneer of melodic piano.

Jean Shearer

09 August at 01:06AM


The subtle building of layers in this piece of music are brilliant. Adding the vocals adds the human element that puts us on Earth. The lovely thing about this music is that it sparks the imagination wherever one is on earth. I could imagine the sea, the mountains, the desert, the forest, the city, or a farm. It encompasses all of the Earth. This is a great representation of Earth to send to space.

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