“sigla í rúm eilífu”


Darren Brown

Created from location recordings made in various locations across this planet Earth .

Darren Brown 1960 USA  Composer , Musician , Performer , Artist Tour & Production Manager , Lighting Designer   Co -Founder  Boy Dirt Car, Impact Test , TEXAR , Three Snake Leaves, KrampusØ ,Maria Askatu .and  numerous solo audio releases . Founded After Music Recordings LLC . A family run Micro-record label based in Minneapolis providing small pressings of uncommon and unusual recordings aftermusicrecordings.com

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Silas Ritchie

01 August at 08:02AM


Earth sounds good.

Thea Baumann

17 September at 08:38PM

Where am I !? Everywhere it sounds like : Earth


03 October at 01:14AM

Everywhere on earth there are chimes?

David Bohn

22 October at 07:13AM


Compelling piece.

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