Belinda Davis

Over land and sea to find you. I will take on super human powers, exceed expectations, break through the cracks in time. And soar ever-faster to where you are.

Belinda Davis is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. With a focus on image-making, Belinda has worked as a filmmaker, photographer and video-artist. Her film and installation work with Mark Daley as a part of Deerhouse Pictures has featured in film festivals and group exhibitions throughout Australia.


David Owen

01 August at 01:45PM


This is a gorgeous piece of immersive art. The compositional flourishes are restrained yet powerful. The simplicity of the concept and the beauty of its execution work in tandem to create a desire within the viewer to watch this over and over again until it's hypnotic powers become lessened. An effect not likely to occur in any short amount of time.


01 August at 03:47PM


If it was ever found by someone out there they would have a great image of the simple buzzing lives of the humans. The beauty in the simple repetition perfectly speaks about us. The music warms the images. Maybe it would warm someone out there. The uneven speed. I guess there is still a search, like so many of us down here.

Thea Baumann

15 September at 10:49PM

Propulsion of the artist through space . Super Futurism !

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