Something that has an appearance resembling a human being


Julian Bonequi

Primigenius intuition as a concept of uniqueness and unity from Spaceship Earth parked on the Devastating Psychological Impact of Reality as Landscape… composing reconstructed face cuts of whom invoke timeless miniatures from the instability of gesture… an humanoid trembling and convulsing mouth noises, kicks and sticking muscles into skin drums from antique nonexistent rites.

This piece is an instant composition during a studio recording in Mexico City. Improvising in one take with amplified toy drums of 10 and 12" – hand cut with a saw / in fact, one of the smallest drum kits in all the world – , plus live mixing, broken cheap mics and vocals.

Recorded at Papagayo Studio by Daniel Goldaracena. Mixed and premastered by Bonequi.

Bonequi (1974, Mexico DF), has been performing widely since 1995. Creator of Audition Records, a transnational documentary platform specialized in experimental and improvised music []. He has performed under the conduction of William Parker, Eddie PrΓ©vost, London Improvisers Orchestra, Berlin Improvisers Orchestra… and played with musicians such as Vagina Dentata Organ, Paal Nilssen-Love, Joke Lanz, Tristan Honsinger, Ute Wassermann, among many others in Europe and Mexico mainly.

In parallel he has worked as professor of 3d animation for Universities in Spain and Mexico, and for research groups of interactive technologies and installations of mixed reality , dome projection and projection mapping. Currently works as cg-art director and senior 3d generalist artist, and also as music curator for Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum based in Mexico City.

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Catherine Clover

29 July at 12:13PM


Epitomises life on earth!

Thea Baumann

17 September at 05:21PM


Dorian Wood

26 September at 01:38PM


Riveting. The sound of meat escaping the bones. Gorgeous.


03 October at 02:50AM

Wrenching primordial oooooze.

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