Space Film


Dale Kaminski

Humans tend to think we sit at the center and we judge something by how useful is to us. Is this the way things are or is it our conceit? How would an inhabitant from another part of the universe see a film? With this film I take the opportunity to create something that has no priority from one frame to the next. I have tried to see the world as the discoverer of this time capsule , with no point of reference and no value system in which to judge. I have placed a few keys into the film the most obvious is one second each of RED, Blue, and Green at the beginning, to potentially give the finders of this message in the bottle a chance to decode what all these pixels are supposed to look like, at least to me, but I have my doubts as to its effectiveness. This collection of images was designed to be played at 30 frames a second for 60 seconds – 1800 images. It is not necessary to play it at this frame rate…it really does not matter to me what frame rate anyone chooses to play it. It was used solely as a limitation allowing me to start and end the film.

These images chronicle where I have been and what I have been looking at since hearing about this project. That is all. If you read anything else into this you have applied something that is not there by my hand.

Whether my submission is accepted or not i would like to express my gratitude in being able to participate in some small way with a project associated with Carl Sagan. He was a great influence on me growing up and to be part of something that was started by him is an honor. Thank you.

Dale is a collaborative media artist. His interests lie where the intersection of digital technologies and relational / collaborative art practice meet. His practice leverages the power of new digital technologies to bring people into participation around a work of art. Dale received his MFA degree in May 2012 from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He is currently the Director of the Arts Media Center at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.

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11 July at 10:10PM

Dale did you see Alan Grace's submission? You two might need to collaborate.

Thea Baumann

21 September at 11:21PM


Propelling yourself through the internet - shuttling through a slipstream less than 25 dpi . Full throttle .

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