Space Ice Cream


Zoe Meagher

Freeze-dried ‘ice cream’ was a space-age failure: unpopular with astronauts, and only ever taken on one NASA mission (Apollo 7). Through the lonely faux-glamour of late-night TV shopping, ‘Space Ice Cream’ pays loving tribute to the disappointments and detritus that accompany technological advancement.

Zoe is a Melbourne-based artist whose mish-mash style of performance and audio reflects her love of retro-kitsch pop culture and technology. Past projects include performance as the Ghost of Computers Past and an audio tour of an abandoned space museum.

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09 August at 12:05PM


this is deeply OF EARTH, the majestic allure of the product that fills the most obscure of voids, sitting in its awareness of failure, showing up for work none the less...

Thea Baumann

07 September at 10:42PM


Sweet bland Neopolitan icecream - the junkfood to fill the void of a lonely extended roadtrip into the deep Unknown.

Brian Ritchie

15 September at 02:35PM

Is this what they mean by chill out?

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