Suitecase of walking world and capture constellation

Alê Souto

This work was undertaken at the invitation of the direction of Mac (Museum of Contemporary Art in Niterói) work of Oscar Niemeyer. my job was to relate the architecture space with my current line of research.

So I created a piece where the roof of the Museum becomes a platform for spacecraft, this place open a briefcase lined with mirrors inside and poetically collect stars.

This case can never be opened, with the risk that the stars are lost. work fascinates me in this dimension of the mysterious, and how big is the size of this infinite around us. This work was later exhibited at the Museo itself (video and object)

Alê Souto Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1973. Since 2003, he took courses in art at the University State of Rio de Janeiro, Anna Bella Geiger and Luiz Ernesto, and the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, with Chico Cunha, David Cury and Franz Manata. In 2007, he won a grant from Furnas Sociocultural Incubator for Artistic Talent “Desmanche” and held the exhibition, his first solo exhibition in the Furnas Cultural Space in Rio de Janeiro. In 2009, he participated in artist residency of the Taller Grafica Actual in Oaxaca, Mexico. Held exhibitions Mysteries, the Nomads, Chaos y el Oasis, in the contemporary Art Museum Ateneo of Yucatán, Mexico, in 2010, and Z.S.A.A.V in Jaime Portas Vilaseca Gallery Rio de Janeiro in 2011. This year, the United States, presented the show Metropole Remix on FB Gallery, in Manhattan, New York, and making urban interferences in Texas. In 2012, participates in Rio de Janeiro, the Gramática Urbana exhibition, curated by Vanda Klabin, in the Centro de Arte Hélio Oiticica, and Edições UM, in the Portas Vilaseca gallery. It also exposes the shows Gesto Amplificado, which is also curator at the Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In February 2013 involved the streets of Crato and Juazeiro, northeast Brazil in the project “The cosmic migrant trafficking.” In April of the same year he made his solo exhibition “Pictofagias” Huma Gallery Art Projects (RJ) in August participates in the exhibition “Sometimes Happiness Lives Here” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi (RJ) and September, the exhibition “ About independence and small gestures of freedom” in La Cebada Gallery x Anomalia in Xochimilco, Mexico City. In November 2013 following a residency in R.A.T (artist residencies for swap) in Mexico City for its current project continues at this time.


Dyan Del Rivero Terán

07 August at 02:09AM


I believe that the acknowledgement of our relationship towards space within our own limits is represented very accurately here and reminds us that though we are based and limited to Earth, we also belong to the cosmos.

Manuel Sanches

07 August at 11:19AM

The mirror and the suitcase. What is revealed and what is hidden, "le dedans et le dehors", from the philosopher Teilhard Chardin. Nothing reflects more the human soul and our loneliness at infinity. With a simple gesture, performed above / outside museums, the artist reveals the condition of man in the universe. The artwork Ale deserves reaching space because it clarifies the condition of all of us who inhabit the universe.


07 August at 03:18PM

The space was captured inside the box, and can be really an interesting experience if it can join the travel to space, like a travel in and out, going back to his origin.

Marcelo gandhi

07 August at 08:15PM


Quântico , saltico , peregrino ....uma mala que carrega o cosmos ....linda música... Lindo video ... Parabéns ale

Bruno Miguel

08 August at 04:23AM


a precise and precious video. delicate and smart as a good artwork should be.

Edna Romero

08 August at 06:09AM


The artwork from Ale deserves reaching space because it shows us the gift as humans to create parallel realities, I used to think the universe is so immense that seems we mean nothing, and then Ale Soto came and said to me "wait... actually you can contain it on your hands and keep it as a treasure" so I said myself: "it has a lot of amazing to be human". Thank you

Patrícia Kalil

08 August at 06:58AM

Every day he went fishing starlight with his suitcase. And when the sky was completely reflected in his mirror, he closed the suitcase to store dreams. He never dared to open the suitcase alone in a dark room to see the stars again. He closed his eyes, and we did the same, keeping its infinitude inside. He would rather open the case again only when the sky was above, so together they and we could reflect at the same time about the size of the universe and wonder about our relationship with space and time (future, past, present ... and as I heard the other day, absent).

Renata Milanês

08 August at 07:38AM

Awesomeeee!!! Amazing job, my favourite!
Congratulations, Alê!

marcelo gandhi

08 August at 07:42AM


quântico é que posso sentir e pensar sobre esse vídeo de ale , subvertendo assim toda as questões as leis da matéria , como diz um antigo ditado druida ...caber o mundo num grão de areia ... e assim como peter greenway que colocou quase tudo na maleta , ale termina o trabalho que peter tinha começado ....e assim devolve a capacidade de fabulação ao tao fragmentando homem contemporâneo ...


08 August at 08:52AM

Alê leva o céu para terra.
Alê acalentador de estrelas.
Avante querido,
que o desbravar da vida é o que nos resta.

Anna Heizer

08 August at 12:59PM


This is an amazing work... Alê transmutates the spaces around us, brings stars to the earth... now he's sending it back rsrs Shot for the stars my friend!

Maxx Kraken

10 August at 04:21AM


Ale Souto is such an organic artist. He brings knowledge from the streets of different parts of the world, and mixes it with the aesthetics of classic art. His art is always surprising me. I would love to see his new work making it to space, since I believe it would spread a lot of good and add one more star to the firmament.

Sandra Portto

15 August at 01:44AM


Parabéns Alê Souto.
Gratidão por nos oferecer tamanha sensibilidade!
Continue sua busca. Continue a dizer! a mostrar!
Somos UM...
Você guardou o cosmos dentro da mala... os espelhos são reflexos do insondável!
Namastê querido amigo.

León Guerrero

15 August at 03:30AM


3 dimensions of expressing the Same idea; the video was presented inside de museum, the action itself was about opening ourselves into space, and the recursive Idea of sending it to space completes the 3 dimensión act.

Márcia Luquine

16 August at 07:40PM

Maravilhoso o projeto, Alê Souto!!! Tamanha sensibilidade e talento... ideias que abrem inúmeras janelas de possibilidades !!! Suas obras sempre são assim, especiais demais!!!!!! Parabéns!!!!!!!! bjs

Fabio Tirado

18 August at 11:50PM

Arte e muito estilo, referencia! Sem limites!

Carla Souto Moreira costa

19 August at 04:18AM

Lembro sempre das palavras da sua mãe, esse aqui vai ser artista!!!

Aureo Soares

26 August at 10:44AM


Se o Universo não for um grande desperdicio de espaço, sua obra pode ser uma importante ferramenta para a compreenção cultural do nosso planeta.

Mõnica Mello

28 August at 09:21AM


Interpreto como o ser humano carregando consigo a ânsia do Universo.

Thea Baumann

15 September at 11:20PM

A mirrored treasure chest of astral gems to regift to the cosmos . Beautiful poetic gesture .

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